Amla Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health – 2021

Amla Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health: Amla also is known as embryo, embryo myrobalan, myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, Malacca tree, or Sanskrit Amalaki amla is a Phyllanthaceae family deciduous tree. It has edible vegetables, named after the same name.

About Amla

Amla is a sore fruit found in the wet, hilly areas and during the autumn season. It is known for its quality qualities and has many applications. If you know what amla is, the next one will get the details you need on how to use amla to get its full health benefits.

Different Names Of Amla:

Hindi, Urdu & GujarathiAmla
English Gooseberry
Sanskrit Amalika
Telugu Usiri Kaay
Kannada Bettada Neikkay
Tamil & Malayalam Nelli
Oriya Anlaa
Malaysia Malacca Tree
Assamese Amalakhi
Punjabi Aula
Marathi Avala

Is Amla Good For Health?

Amla is an excellent source of vitamin C, thus helping to improve immunity, metabolism and avoiding respiratory and bacterial ailments like cold and cough. Its nutritional profile also comes studded with a variety of polyphenols known to combat cancer cell growth.

Nutritional Value of Amla

What are the benefits of Amla? To know about Amla Benefits first we have to know the nutritional value of Amla. Hehe is the snapshot of the nutritional value of Amla.

Total Fat0.6g1%
Omega 3 fatty acid46mg
Omega 6 fatty acid271mg
Vitamin A290 IU6%
Vitamin C27.7mg46%

How many Amla (gooseberries) can you eat in a day?

You can follow any of the following dosages to reap the most benefits from the Amla (per day)

  • 1-2 fresh Amla
  • 15 -20 mL of fresh Amla juice
  • 4-5 grams of dried Amla powder (mixed with a glass of water)


Since the Amla is rich in vitamin C and fiber, it can cause acidity and constipation if eaten in large quantities.

The Amla is rich in potassium and it should be eaten with caution by people with kidney disorders or high blood pressure.

Amla Benefits or Benefits of Amla

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1. Amla Benefits For Hair

The nutritional value of amla is rich with various vitamins and minerals. Both vitamins and minerals blend with the phytonutrients available and thereby help to promote and sustain the movement of blood through the scalp.

The improved blood circulation through the scalp helps to boost the consistency of the hair along with aiding in the development of the hair.

The vitamin C available in amla is quite effective in tackling the dandruff problem.

Amla is also effective in combating the early signs of greying hair. The anti-oxidants available in amla help to maintain the health of the scalp along with addressing the hair graying problem.

  • Mix the amla extract with some aloe vera gel and sperm, then blend all the ingredients.
  • Now add this mixture to the hair and scalp and leave for 30-35 minutes.
  • Just wash your hair with regular water and experience the development of hair along with the various other hair amla benefits.

2. Amla Benefits For Skin

You need to moisturize the skin regularly to reduce skin redness and blemishes. When you’re looking for a natural skin exfoliator then consider using amla for the same thing.

The antibacterial and astringent properties of amla make this a good skin exfoliation alternative. This helps to develop dead skin cells and thereby help to create new skin cells.

Another benefit of Amla for skin is that it is a good cleanser for the skin. It can extract all traces of dirt and dust from the skin and then render the skin shiny and smooth with its efficacy.

The main strengths of amla are the antioxidants and vitamin A and C that thoroughly cleans the skin. This also shades the skin and makes this clear and smooth, as additional Amla benefits for the skin.

3. Amla Benefits For Weight Loss

Along with the various amla vitamins and minerals, the proteins available in amla can help you get rid of those extra kilos from your body!

Regular consumption of amla juice can bring substantial weight loss results. You’ll also note a positive sign in the change in your skin texture along with Amla for weight loss routine. It will bring a glow to your face in a moment.

Amla Boosts Immunity

Amla has brilliant properties that improve the immune system. It is an excellent source of vitamin C that not only enhances immunity but also increases metabolism in the body. It helps to avoid diseases and infections.

How To Take Amla In Your Diet

  • Eating it raw and fresh is the perfect way to eat the Amla! If you can’t eat it the way it is, you should slice the fruit and sprinkle it with some salt.
  • This is a great and easy way to take amla. Drinking one glass of fresh Amla juice in the morning.
  • You may drink into one glass of water mix with Amla powder.
  • This dried version of the fruit can be eaten as a dried pickle or as a balanced digestive. The availability of vitamin C is greatly decreased by sun drying.

In most Ayurvedic formulations the Amla was a common ingredient. The benefits speak for themselves-the fruit has a lot to give, right from helping with diabetes care to supporting hair health. This article is the personal view of the writer which has not recommended for medical point of view.


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