Benefits of Amla Juice for Skin & Hair – 2021

Benefits of Amla Juice: The amla Juice is undeniably a resource powerhouse. The essential minerals and vitamins it contains are not only important to the well-being of our body but also crucial for the prevention and treatment of some of the most severe and severe diseases. Whether eaten raw, juiced, powdered or simply added in an array of pickles, jams, dips or spreads – including amla in your diet finales into good health by all means.

Benefits of Amla Juice for Skin & Hair

How To Make Amla Juice At Home?

  • Mix together chopped amla, ginger, and cumin seeds to create a smooth paste.
  • Apply water as needed and mix it to a consistency of juice.
  • Squeeze into a glass, add the jaljeera powder and cool. (Optional) Garnish with coriander and serve.
  • Pour amla juice into glasses.

Benefits of Amla Juice

The various nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, calcium, vitamins, and other supplements of Amla juice ensure your entire body to keep healthy. Amla juice benefits can be obtained for weight loss, diabetes, skin, etc.

1. Improves eyesight

Regular use of Amla juice helps sustain the retinal cells and encourage healthy capillaries. It also helps to monitor and prevent cataract from developing in the eyes. The enriched juice of vitamin C prevents free radicals and strengthens the muscles of the body, reducing intraocular pressure and preventing problems such as itchiness in the skin.

2. Purifies blood

Amla juice is a natural detoxifier, which works well in the purification of blood. Amla’s antioxidant properties contribute to flushing out the body’s toxins, resulting in hemoglobin and red blood cell counts rising.

3. Promotes hair growth

Amla Juice is rich in the iron, vitamin B complex, and protein which required to improve hair growth. These nutrients and other minerals reinforce your hair follicles, thereby ensuring better hair growth.

4. Provides anti-ageing benefits to Skin

Amla juice is filled with antioxidants helping to prevent all symptoms of ageing. Vitamin C is also an important ingredient in keeping the face free from fine lines and blemishes. Amla juice intake slows aging and keeps the skin looking fresh and free from wrinkles.

5. Act as an Anti-oxidant

Amla juice is filled with complex minerals and vitamins including carotene, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B. It is a natural antioxidant, flushing toxins from your body. It also ensures the defense of the body from oxidative stress by the removal of free radicals. Amla juice is also known for controlling the stomach acids in the urinary system and the balance. Ayurveda maintains that daily amla juice intake favors longevity.

6. Help get rid of dandruff

Amla juice has an overload of vitamin C which eliminates dandruff with its citrus nature. Applying amla juice twice a week on the scalp can quickly fix the problem of oily scalp and dandruff.

7. Repairs damaged tissues

In Amla juice, the antioxidants and vitamin C speed up the cycle of healing damaged tissues. This extracts cells from the dead skin and replaces them with regenerated ones.


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