Best ExtraTorrent proxy sites 2021- for movies download.

ExtraTorrent proxy sites 2020:

ExtraTorrent is a website where you get to watch all kinds of movies and most Hollywood movies, you can also use it for online watching and downloading.

Today we have shared with you that if the website of ExtraTorrent website or Extratorrent proxy sites gets blocked then how can you unblock it? and download the movie or top Extratorrent proxy sites where you can also download and watch online movies.


In the ExtraTorrent website, they are provided torrent links and magnet links of movies as you can download any movie with a single click.

ExtraTorrent proxy sites

Extra Torrent Website is a pirated movie website, hence this website is closed because it is illegal to piracy any original content.

The extra Torrent website also uploads the piracy version of the original movie on its website and provides a torrent download link to the movies.

Extratorrent proxy

More than one website of Extra Torrent will be seen on the Internet which has been blocked. A lot of mirror websites of Extra Torrent will also be seen which are directly linked to the website of Extra Torrent.

Today we will talk about the mirror and proxy website of this extra torrent from where you can download movies and also use it for online watching.

List of Extratorrent Proxy sites or Mirror website

URLStatusSpeed OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast

What kind of content can you download from the ExtraTorrent proxy sites?

Here we are telling you what kind of movies exist in the Extra Torrent and Extra Torrent Proxy website.

  • Movies: Action movie, Animation movie, Adventure movie, Biography movie, Comedy movie, Crime movie, Documentary movie, Drama movie, Fantasy movie, Horror, Music, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
  • TV Series
  • Action
  • Documentary

What to do if the website of ExtraTorrent or Extratorrent proxy sites gets blocked?

In the same way, the website of all the Extra Torrents has been blocked and Extra Torrent comes back to the Internet with a new domain name.

As we mentioned, there are a lot of mirror websites of Extra Torrent which is linked with Extra Torrent. You can also download movies from this. This website looks just like Extra Torrent.

A virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted connection over the Internet from a device to a network. The encrypted connection helps ensure that sensitive data is safely transmitted. VPN technology is widely used in corporate environments.

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If this website of Extra Torrent gets blocked, you can easily unblock Extratorrent with the help of a VPN.

How to Unblock ExtraTorrent via VPN?

First of all, you download the VPN application on your mobile, you will get to see a lot of VPN application in the play store which you can download.

After downloading, open the VPN application and connect it with another country and open the website of Extra Torrent in your mobile browser.

Latest movies in Extratorrent mirror or proxy link

  1. Taylor Swift: Miss Americana (2020) in Movies
  2. True History of the Kelly Gang (2020)
  3. The Turning (2020)
  4. Dead Earth (2020)
  5. Battle Star Wars (2020)
  6. The Grudge (2020)
  7. Bad Boys For Life (2020)
  8. Bad Boys For Life (2020)
  9. Just Mercy (2020)
  10. Like Boss (2020)
  11. STAR WARS The Rise Of Skywalker (2020)
  12. 1917 (2020)
  13. Inherit The Viper (2020)
  14. Underwater (2020)
  15. In God, I Trust (2019)
  16. Villains (2019)

Is it right to download movies with extra torrent with the help of a VPN?

No, because Extratorrent is a pirated movie downloading website and it is illegal and even supporting such a website is considered illegal.

By using this type of website, there is a risk of your private data being stolen from your mobile. That is why we recommend you to use a VPN whenever you are using this kind of website.

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This article has been written for Information Propose. Piracy of any original content is a punishable offense according to Indian law, Bzlifestyle neither promotes nor supports such content.


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