Best WhatsApp Mod- GB WhatsApp 2020

GBwhatsapp is the advanced version of WhatsApp which comes with a lot of features that are not found in official WhatsApp or people also love the GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp also looks like Yo Whatsapp but much better than this. No modded application is better than this. Many people are searching on google about GB WhatsApp.

In this blog, you will know how you can install GB WhatsApp 2020 on your mobile. And the features of GBWhatsApp 2020.

GB WhatsApp 2020

Before understanding Gb WhatsApp 2020, let’s know why people need Gb WhatsApp. As many WhatsApp users are in this world, if they want more features, then Gb WhatsApp is the best option, GB Whatsapp is an application like WhatsApp and you can use it like Whatsapp too

There are many more features available in official WhatsApp than you will see in GB WhatsApp.

One very good thing is that you do not need to uninstall official WhatsApp from your smartphone. If you want, you can use both applications on the same smartphone.

Download GB WhatsApp 2020

App Size52 MB
CompatibilityAbove Android 4.0
Last UpdateJan 2020

Different Between GB WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp

Today everyone will have a smartphone but only WhatsApp will be seen in everyone’s mobile, which has been downloaded more than 1 billion.

Whatsapp is also used by people for chatting, video call and voice call, photo share video share, but in GB WhatsApp all those features, as well as many other features, are not available in WhatsApp. Download YoWhatsApp

A lot of people want to run two WhatsApp on their mobile, that’s why GB WhatsApp is the right option for those people.

If you also want to use the modded application of WhatsApp, then GB WhatsApp will be right for you. That is why people like GB WhatsApp more.

Other mod WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp 2020

If you see any mod WhatsApp, then the mod application that gets the most features will be GB WhatsApp.

You must have seen a lot of mod applications on the internet. There is also a GB Whatsapp which has been created by Gbmod. But now GB WhatsApp has made its wake in people’s smartphones due to more features.

GB WhatsApp 2020 came with a lot of features and whenever their new update comes, it also comes with some new features.

If your GB WhatsApp does not run after a few days or months of downloading, then you can download the latest version by visiting their official website and you can also contact them by going to their official website.

The best feature in GB WhatsApp


In official Whatsapp, like you use a limited amount of themes that make you boring using the same theme, in this, you can use many more themes than WhatsApp which is present in the name GB themes.


You will get emoji many times more than WhatsApp, which you will be able to share with your friends. More than enough emoji is already present in it.

Send long video

In official WhatsApp, you will be able to share less than 100 MB videos with your friend but in GB WhatsApp can help you to send videos up to 700mb, you can send videos up to 700mb in it to anyone.


There is no need for any other application to lock GB WhatsApp, this feature is already there.

If you want to lock the conversation that you have with someone so that no one can see your conversation, you can also do that which is not available in WhatsApp. This feature has also been liked by a lot of people.

Last seen hide

If you do not want that you are online but no one knows, while you are online, then you will also get this feature in it.

Custom Privacy

GB WhatsApp comes with a lot of privacy features such as if someone sent you a message and you also saw that message, but they will not know that you have seen its message, that is, they will see the same tick even after reading the message. Which you will not find in WhatsApp.

Dual WhatsApp

You can also use GB WhatsApp like another WhatsApp.

If you have already installed Whatsapp on your mobile and if you want to use a WhatsApp in the same mobile then you can download and run GB WhatsApp.

No root

There are many WhatsApp modded applications that you have to restart mobile to run properly, but you can run GB WhatsApp very easily even without restarting.


Is it safe?

It is absolutely 100% safe.(But not recommended)

How to download the GB WhatsApp?

When its new version comes, you will get the information and you can download it from its official website.

Can two WhatsApp run on the same number?

No, you can not run two WhatsApp on one mobile number, you cannot run the same number on which it is official WhatsApp.

What to do if your GB WhatsApp does not work?

First, uninstall GB Whatsapp old version and then download the new version.


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