Lose Belly Fat With 30 Days Diet Plan Challenge

Lose Belly Fat With 30 Days: If you also want to lose your belly fat, then let us tell you that the amount of exercise required to reduce belly fat is the same diet.

Belly fat loss depends on a 90% diet plan and 10% depends on exercise.

Today, we have brought you a diet plan that you can reduce your belly fat loss in very few days by following it.

The diet plan in which you have to eat and drink all day, this diet plan has your favorite tea and roti vegetable as well as some tasty things every 2 hours.

This diet plan is only 1200 calories. This diet plan will keep your calories in control as well as help in your weight loss and also take care of your taste. This diet plan can be followed by both males and females.

Diet Plan To Lose Belly Fat

Morning 6.00 am- 65 calories

We will start the day with this wet loose water. Mix half a lemon juice with 1 glass of lukewarm water and one teaspoon honey. Drink from it every day and do not reheat it.

This will help to eliminate the fat of your body and at the same time remove the toxins from your body, it will also increase your immunity and also clear the skin.

Morning 8.00 am – 45 calories

After 2 hours we will have tea and 2 biscuits, try to use low-fat milk and very little sugar.

Morning 10.00 am- 270 calories

Now it is the time of the breakfast which should be at 10 in the morning, this breakfast mile is the most important mile in the day.

In breakfast, we will take spice oats, add a lot of vegetables to it so that you also get a lot of nutrition.

If you want, you can also use different foods according to calories.

Mid Day at 12.00 noon

Now after about 2 hours of breakfast, you take some fresh fruit like orange, pineapple grapes. Fruits have very low calories and provide you with all nutrition and fiber.

AfterNoon 2.00 pm- 400 calories

Now comes lunchtime. You do not have to eat any heavy food at the launch, you have to take dal and roti, you can also take vegetables instead of dal and with this, you can also add curd.

If you want, you can also use different foods according to calories.

Take green tea half an hour after the launch to help digest your food quickly.

Evening 8.00 pm- 270 calories

This is the last meal of the day, for this, you can use vegetable soup in which you have to add a lot of vegetables, it will not let you get hungry soon and will give you all the nutrition.

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If you want, you can also use different foods according to calories.

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