Mohanlal enjoyed the climax of Drishyam 3, reveals Jeethu Joseph

The same question was repeatedly asked by director Jeethu Joseph after the release of Drishyam 2, when is he making the third part of the Mohanlal-starrer thriller? He made it clear at a press event at the Kottayam Press Club in Kerala, although the director did not provide a direct reply, that he could make Drishyam 3 faster than he had taken the time to make Drishyam 2.

Honestly, after Drishyam, I thought that for the second part, there was no chance. But, when I tried to do a script in 2015, it clicked. Similarly, I cannot guarantee that Drishyam 3 will occur at this time.

He also noticed that the ending of the next sequel was already conceived by him. The fate of the third film, however, depends on whether he comes up with an entertaining beginning and middle that would improve the ending or not. “I have Drishyam 3‘s climax, but just the climax. When I told Mohanlal about it, he really liked it. But many things have to fall into place for the film to achieve this climax. There is no requirement for the third film to be made. I’m going to try, I’m going to let it go if it doesn’t work out,” he said, playing it cool.

It took him two years to begin writing Drishyam 2 after Drishyam’s release in 2013, and almost another five years to take it to the floor. He does not take too long for the third portion, however. The third element will not happen any time soon, in any event.


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