Suraksha Store- Online Registration & Apply For Certificate

Suraksha Store: With the help of FMCG companies, the Government of India launched an initiative called Suraksha Store for all grocery stores and other shops.

Through the Suraksha Store, the government is trying to convert local grocery stores and other shops into hygiene Retail Outlet and these outlets will follow all the guidelines that will be issued to them and people can buy their goods without any fear.

The Indian Government is thinking to open 20 lakhs Suraksha-Store in the next month. If you have a grocery store or another store and you want to make your store a Suraksha Store, then read this article till last.

Today we have given all the information related to Suraksha-Store here and also a registration link so that you can register for it. You can apply for registration through

Registration For Suraksha Store

The coronavirus has changed the lifestyle of people across the world in a few months, now people are maintaining social distance from each other as per govt. the guideline, because people do not know that there can be corona positive in their surroundings.

So the Government of India came up with an idea called Suraksha-Store, it will help to make all their grocery stores into the Suraksha-Store, and FMCG companies are also supporting the government for this and they will help such stores for their safety and hygiene.

FMCG companies will select nearby stores and they will help them by providing hygiene education and also provide certificates of safety standards.

So far, more than 50 FMCG companies are due to cooperate with the government on this and will also provide masks, gloves, sanitize.

An Important Aspect Of Suraksha Store

Those who want to convert their store into a Suraksha Store, they may need to follow certain criteria, so that they can be registered as Suraksha-Stores and also get certificates

  • All the shop owner needs to mark in front of their shops with a social distance of 1.5 meters through a poster.
  • You have to give sanitizer/hand wash or soap to your customer before entering these stores.
  • The store owner needs to use a poster to mark a distance of 1.5 meters near the billing counter.
  • All the employees of the store are required to wear a face mask. These stores should have a non-hand-operated basket so that people can dispose of their face masks and gloves. Store door, shopping basket, counter area have to be sanitized every 4 hours.
  • They are required to display the notification of MHA on health and hygiene, so a poster can also be used there.
  • Store owners and all employees ensure that they are using the Arogya Setu App.

What is required to fill the sign-up form Of Suraksha Store?

  • The owner name of the shop
  • Mobile number
  • Training language
  • Name of the store
  • Type of store (Kirana/ chemist/ other/ shelf service supermarket)
  • Need to opt. the choice whether you willing to do home delivery during the COVID-19
  • Pincode
  • City/town name
  • District
  • State
  • Address of the store
  • The contact number of employees
  • FSSAI registration number

Steps for Suraksha Store Registration

If you also want to make your store a Suraksha-Store, what do you need to keep in mind that we have given below:

First of all, you have to go to the official website
Now on the home page of the website, you can easily find the sign-up form

Fill the form as given and click on Submit. After this, you will receive Confirm Message

What kind of store can become a Suraksha Store?

All types of stores where people normally visit, such as grocery stores, pharmacy stores, consumer touchpoints, apparel, salons, supermarkets, and other consumers durable, etc.

What to do for a Suraksha store?

To convert your store into a security store, you just need to follow the safety and health rule, including a 1.5-meter social distance marked outside your shop and cleaning around the billing counter,

Provide hand sanitizers or hand washes to your employees, and everyone visiting your store will have to wash their hands before entering.

You need to provide a face mask to each of your members and sanitize all your most touching points at least twice a day.

How do we know that this store is a Suraksha store?

Identification of such stores is easy for everyone, retail outlets need to install display boards in their stores so that the customer can easily know that this store is a Suraksha store, where all the hygiene guidelines are followed.

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