Sweet Girl Review: Netflix Thriller Movie with most Bonkers Plot – 2021

Sweet Girl provides a lot of hints in the build-up to the major Rachel/Ray twist. Sweet Girl appears to be a very conventional action movie in which Jason Momoa’s Ray (Aquaman, Game of Thrones) goes on a bloody rampage following the loss of his wife. Ray creates a trail of bodies as he throws assassins out of windows and strikes smarmy CEOs with fire extinguishers, raged against the machine of wealthy pharmaceutical firms and political corruption. Sweet Girl, on the other hand, pulls off an M. Night Shyamalan-style twist in the final act that radically changes the audience’s perception of the entire film.

Sweet Girl Review: Netflix Thriller Movie with most Bonkers Plot - 2021

About Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl, an American action thriller, will be released in 2021. Mark Wahlberg, Karen Gillan, Chris Hemsworth, and Liam Neeson are just a handful of the celebs who have just agreed to participate in their own low-budget Netflix action film, regardless of their celebrity, age, or Hollywood position. If people can get beyond the terrible title, I imagine that watching Jason Momoa punch, kick, shoot, and rage against the bad guys will be an irresistible proposition for many viewers.

Rachel (Isabelle Merced), the daughter of Ray (Momoa), a blue-collar family guy who unravels after a horrible event, is referred to as Sweet Girl, which sounds more like a reality show about a young baker. When a novel medicine was unexpectedly removed off the market due to corporate greed on the side of a terrible pharmaceutical business, the family matriarch died of cancer. Ray swears vengeance on those who put profit ahead of saving lives, and he and his daughter go on a perilous quest to seek justice.

It is laudable to address and critique big pharma’s immoral tactics while also serving as an eye-opening reminder of how the US healthcare system relentlessly destroys the poor. The question is, how are you going to watch the movie? Because of the pandemic, finding out where and when movies are being shown has become more difficult than ever. You’re lucky to have someone on your side who can make decisions on your behalf. The website also has information on when and where Sweet Girl can see the film. Please read the entire blog post if you want all of your queries answered.


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