Telugu movies download sites Latest – 2020

If you are looking for Telugu movies download sites, then read till the end. If you’re looking for alternative ways to spend time without getting bored at home. If you like watching movies and don’t know about the websites where you can legally watch and download free HD movies or search for movie download sites, don’t worry, we’ve got a list of top Telugu movies download sites where you can download full HD movies free.

The internet usually takes you to unsafe download sites for movies. Hence, you need to have website awareness that allows you to download free movies without compromising your security and privacy.

There are ways to watch free movies on the internet’s modern age that are completely legal. Yeah, you’ve read it right. To watch free movies, there is no need to visit any shady sites or jump around YouTube.

Free and legal movies are just a few clicks away waiting for you, and to get you there is a pretty easy hack. It all depends on one crucial step: get inventive with free trials, and you’re going to have hundreds of free movies at your disposal.

List of Telugu movies download sites


Movierulz is the only website in a single place to stream Hindi, English, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. Zero advertising and trouble-free downloads are the best part of this platform. The GUI looks too old and easy, but it does what it is supposed to do. All you need is to pick a movie and click on the link to the mirror. You can install the movie right on your phone or PC with mirror ties in blue color.

2Telgu Prazalu

As the name suggests, Telgu Prazalu is certainly a website that allows you to access Telugu movies; they take their work so seriously that the whole page is in Telgu (except the top bar).

The design is like a blog, it has a top bar with choices like Films, Newspaper, Audio, Write, Comedy and so on. How to get to the download page of Telugu Film is to hover over Movies and then click on “Telugu Movies.”

The site is flooded with ads and banners obviously, there are those annoying hidden ads that pop up irrespective of where you click on the site. Followed in the sidebar by several other promotional references and clips. But if you can swim through all that film-download links are open. It even allows users to stream content (on a website and server of a third party). This is one of the best Telugu movies download sites.

Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale Tamil HD Movie leaked By Tamilrockers

3My Telugu Wap

MyTeluguWap is another Telugu film site that downloads the list of sites here. Like any other site, it has all the features that make it one of South Indian movie buffs ‘ most popular sites. This page is dedicated exclusively to South Indian cinema and you will find different stuff related to it.

Besides the movies, here are fantastic mp3 and Tamil cinema clips. In fact, some trailers are on the website too, along with videos of cinema behind the scenes. Here you can also get some of the films.

Most of the time you can consider movies only until 2015. A separate section also includes all the Telugu doubted films. The contents are not so rich in old films, but all Telugu films can definitely be found here.


MyCoolMoviez is the one website in Telugu movies download sites list. That is really popular not only for watching and downloading Telugu movies but also for other movies like Hollywood, Bollywood. The rating of this website is high as it is necessary to provide various kinds of media on this website.

The simplicity, as well as flexibility, is the reason for placing MyCoolMoviez in Telugu movies streaming websites list in the first place.

The website does not show movies with their posters, but only links by name. This may cause you some difficulty, but the different sections on this page will help you navigate smoothly. It also includes WWE events on its website besides the films.


SkyMovies is predominantly a phone app, although on computers it is also completely and fully accessible. There is not much of a user interface, only a long list of films from the whole collection; or a search bar.

This search-bar includes a drop-down list and a keyword tab. That’s where you can find “Telugu Films.” It is packed with commercials, as can be expected. Each click that we make is forced to pose multiple tabs and popups.

Several update servers are used in most instances, often up to 6-8, it means that the files are accessible regardless of server problems, or files are deleted from one server or another.

How Pirated Movies Leak?

This website records films before the cinema hall on the show. About 3 to 4 hours after the first show, the film is uploaded on these websites. The quality of the film recorded here is not something special. But after about 15-20 days it is uploaded in full HD.

These websites leak the film with the help of a Magnet link and torrent file. These websites use the peer file sharing option for their users.

Governance is rapidly blocking such websites, but people easily access them with the help of a VPN, etc. and download the movie.

Apart from all these, there are many more websites leaking online movies. You can learn about them here.


Important Note: Using a piracy website is irresponsible and illegal. By using such websites, you have a 90 percent chance of stolen personal information from your device. These websites can spoil your device by putting a virus into your websites. Our objective is to make you aware by writing this post. We do not recommend using such a website, we once again ask you to use websites that are harmful to you. If you want to watch movies online you can go for paid websites without any problem.

Under Indian law, piracy of any original content is a punishable offense. This content is for informational purposes only and Bzlifestyle does not claim ownership of this content. Bzlifestyle does not support or promote piracy in any way.


In order to appreciate the work of filmmakers, we request people to watch movies only in theaters. You will not get real experience while watching movies through Khatri Majja full or other sites. So watch films in theaters and praise the filmmakers by their presence in the theater.

This is a simple solution for all those users who are bothered by broken links or blocked links. If the link is not accessible that is due to your country’s policy violation, then proxies will certainly assist in accessing those websites. While accessing a certain website in your country is illegal. You will abide by your country’s policy.


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