Top New Simple Finger Mehndi Design For 2020

Finger Mehndi Design For 2020: The temporary form of the tattoo is the design of henna, which is usually used by Indian women. Mehndi designs are used in India to decorate hands and feet, especially for weddings and festivals, Mehndi design is very important for Indian women, why they love to decorate themselves, most women in wedding mehndi Use more.

Women apply mehndi in their hands and they like to use mehndi on their fingers as well, adorn their fingers in nice mehndi designs. The finger mehndi design given here is perfect for them, which also makes them stylish with tradition.

The easiest and very stylish looking mehndi design below that you can design in your hands at any wedding, festival

Top New Finger Mehndi Design

Finger Mehndi Design

Talking about easy finger mehndi design, it can be a better design. This design also looks easy to draw and also gives a thick look to all the fingers, to make this design even more attractive, you can also design the backside of your palm according to the picture.

This finger mehndi design can be used for weddings, ceremonies, and traditional festivals.

This design will look good with traditional clothes

Finger Mehndi Design

Designing mehndi like a flower is also very much liked by women, this finger mehndi design is also like a flower, it looks like the wings of this flower which looks very attractive.

This mehndi design is perfect for festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Dussehra.

To enhance this mehndi design, you can apply this mehndi design in your hands with a short frock and long frock and some jewelry.

This mehndi design also looks like some kind of flower feathers but looks simple and different. This light mehndi design is for those who do not like to apply too much mehndi, to enhance this design, even more, you can design 2 more similar flower designs in every finger.

This simple finger mehndi design can be use for weddings ceremonies and festivals.

You can apply this mehndi design with any customer on any function.

This finger mehndi design takes very less time to make and also looks easy but looks very attractive, with black shaded dots, this design looks very good but it may take a little longer to make the design of the back part. , Which is designed like a flower

This beautiful mehndi design can be used for weddings or religious festivals such as Ramadan, Diwali, and for any ceremony.

This finger mehndi design can also decorate your hands with custom such as salwar, churidar, or lehengas, as this mehndi design does not cover the hands much, so a bracelet can also be worn.

This mehndi design is also very easy to make and time is also less. This design is designed more in one finger, if you want, you can design it in every finger, this mehndi design looks like a small leaf. It looks very attractive too

You can apply this mehndi design in all kinds of festivals in your hands, those who do not like to apply mehndi, they can adopt this design.

This mehndi design will look good with the casual or indo-western outfit

This simple finger mehndi design is slightly different and stylish. Only 2 fingers will be designed in this design. The bold strokes and properly done leaves look quite beautiful and add a unique touch to the pattern.

It can be decorated with any kind of custom on any occasion or festival. To enhance this design, you can also apply nail polish and you can wear a ring.

This modern finger mehndi design creates the illusion of wearing a ring on the fingers. This mehndi design looks like a big ring, the bold stroke mehndi design used in detailing is eye-catching and beautiful.

This ring design mehndi design is ideally suited for weddings and religious festivals etc.

This finger mehndi design with long frocks, lehengas, long skirts and saris will look absolutely beautiful and if you want some jewelery, you can wear it to make this design even more attractive.

Designed specifically for teenage, this mehndi design, which looks like jewelry, includes lines, dots, flowers, designs, leads, and different shaped patterns.

This finger mehndi design tries to cover the finger length. If you want, you can also design in all the fingers, there are many mixed designs in it which gives lovely color to the fingers.

This design is suitable for parties, ceremony weddings.

Wear a western outfit with this mehndi design or you can also wear a good bracelet.

It may take a little time to make the mehndi design, the mehndi design is only for the fingers which is very much with lines, dots, circles, flowers, sarees, leaf patterns, the picture is designed more on the same finger. But if you want, you can design it on every finger.

If you design in every finger, there is no need to wear a ring, if you design it with one or two fingers, it will look even more beautiful with a ring.

This finger mehndi design is suitable for parties, ceremony weddings.

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This mehndi design is especially for women who prefer modern, and classy. On one hand, the mehndi pattern is done simultaneously on the fingers; This mehndi design creates magic on hands.

This mehndi design is suitable for all types of parties and festivals.

You can pair this design with Western, South and Indo-Western these three outfits.


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